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Daybetter Company founded in 2013, a global LED lighting solution provider,a team of optoelectronics industry experts,has been research led lights product for many years. Daybetter aims to design the best lighting experience – Light up your life with highest quality DAYBETTER ligthing products,also with competitive price,innovation constantly!

with Daybetter great effort,Daybetter Led Lights has been the top brand in the field of LED all over the world,daybetter lights colorful you life success.

Daybetter cooperation with many distributor and platform. Daybetter led lights amazon platfrom is the biggest platform,most of Daybetter Led Strip Lights sold from Amazon united state and Amazon Canada. Europe marketing we are starting operation,we believe Daybetter will be the biggest led brand as it in north America. Daybetter led lights walmart is on saleing now.

Daybetter LED strip lights

Daybetter lights has 2 size daybetter led strip lights 32.8 ft 10m and daybetter led strip lights 16.4ft 5m.

IP20 Non-waterproof with unlimited colors

8 light patterns:
R/G/B increase and decrease
Auto Flashing
3 color jump change
7 color jump change
3 color fade change
7 color fade change

How to make diy colors on led lights daybetter
Daybetter flexible led strip lights soft and easy bent cool diy colors for led lights.
Daybetter led lights remote control diy led colors as you want.
Daybetter led lights diy colors on led lights.

Daybetter also supply general illumination and LCD backlighting and SMD LEDs(0805,7020,0603,5730,5630,5050,4014,3535,3528,3030,020,2835,3014) and high power LEDs.

Daybetter has the control ways 44 key IR remote control and daybetter app.
If you buy the daybetter led lights app phone control version,you could control by your phone app,daybetter led lights setup instruction please read user manual carefully.

Daybetter LED strips widely used for Christmas,parties,kitchen, TV back lighting, under cabinets,dining room, bedrooms, car lights underglow, mirrors lights, balconies, patios, holidays Home decoration etc.

Daybetter Customer Service | Daybetter Support | Daybetter Phone Number : +86 19128309181

Daybetter US Selling on Amazon,all our customer service is on Amazon
If you got Daybetter product from Amazon Prime, you can contact on amazon,they will give you a satisfied solution!

Return & Refunds

DAYBETTER promise a replacement or full refund within 12 months all daybetter product. As the problem is the manufacturer defective. You can contact amazon in your order. Amazon Prime customer service will be please to service you.

Please Note:

Daybetter led lights do not direct sale on daybetter led lights walmart and daybetter led strip lights australia now !

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Please pay attention to claim code news.

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