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Keepsmile LED Lights Manual

Keepsmile LED Lights APP

keep smile led lights App Control all of functions convenient!

keepsmile app

keep smile led app

how to connect Keepsmile LED Lights to phone

  1. APP name is “Keepsmile” Please search for and install the application in Google play and Apple store or via the QR code on the manual/controller
  2. Connecting power with the device to let the light on first, then open the Bluetooth of your smart phone
  3. Then strip lights automatically connect to the APP
  4. If you have any questions about the use of the APP, you can refer to the Setting-Guide in the upper right corner of the APP interface
  5. Note: IOS 8.0 or Android 4.3 or later edition required. Your smart device should support Bluetooth 4.0 or later version

Adjust Functions are listed as follows:

  1. Color: Adjust the color and brigheness,16 million kinds of colors of your choice
  2. Music: When you play the music, the light strip will sync with the music and change the color and flashing speed;
  3. Rhythm: Built-in high-sensitivity microphone, the light strip will change the color and speed according to the volume of sound source and the speed of speaking;
  4. Scene: Multiple modes to choose from, including strobe, static, gradual, fade. You can choose the right mode according to the atmosphere;
  5. Timer: Set the timer, the light will turn on/off according to your schedule

how to connect music to led lights keepsmile

how to set a timer on led strip lights

Keep smile led lights remote instructions Installation

keepsmile led lights tutorial / keep smile led lights installation

  1. Open the package and spread the strip straight. Please check whether the strip light appearance and all parts are in good condition. Then power the strip light to test whether it could light normally.
  2. Clean the surface of the object where the strip needs to be installed and keep it dry. Any dust and liquid will affect the stickiness of adhesive. The surface where the light adhere must be smooth and clean, otherwise the strip lights will fall off.
  3. Tear off the adhesive tape,paste the strip on the correct place at once time. Press the strip firmly from the beginning to the end to remove the air from the strip and the surface of the object. (Notice: Do not move the strip light to other place after it is attached.)
  4. Considering the gravity of the strip light themself and other influence, you can place a clip to each section of the strip light to reinforce it. If there is a corner, place the clips on each side of the right angle
  5. The installation is over, please connect the power with strip light.
    You can switch the light on/off and choose the color effect using the control box or remote or APP. Enjoy your new strip light!

Keepsmile LED Lights 44 keys Remote control

  • ON/OFF
  • Pause/Run Lighting Mode
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • Color Change
  • Color Degree Increase/Decrease
  • DIY Mode
  • 3/7 Colors Jumping Change
  • 3/7 Colors Cross Fade
  • Flash Mode
  • Automatically Change Colors and Modes
  • Speed of Color Changing
  • Four music modes

keep smile led lights music

Keepsmile LED Lights music sync

  • Keepsmile LED Lights music sync open by choose music mode

Can you cut keep smile led lights

keepsmile led lights diy

Keepsmile LED Lights cut

how to cut keepsmile led lights

  • If you want to cut Keepsmile LED Lights, you must choose the cuttable version of Keepsmile LED Lights


  • Specifications
  • LED type: 5050 RGB
  • LED quantity: 270PCS
  • Output power: 36W
  • Input voltage of adapter: AC100V-240V
  • Output voltage of adapter: DC 24V
  • Remote distance: within 5M

Packing List

  • 50ft LED Strip Lights: 1
  • Controller Box: 1
  • 44-KEY IR remote Control: 1
  • Power Adapter: 1
  • Instruction Manual: 1

1.Please pay attention to anti-static during the installation and use of the product. Do not use sharp
objects to touch the product, and avoid contact with strong chemicals such as strong acid and alkali.
2.There is no hidden nail or metal conductive object in the contact part between the lamp and the wall. If there is, remove or avoid the conductive object in advance to prevent unnecessary short-circuit of the led light strip.
3.The working voltage of the lighting is 100-240V,please do not make the working voltage of the lighting exceed the maximum allowable range. Please do not exceed the length more than 32.8ft on each port connection Customer Service
We are looking forward to provide the perfect services for you, and will pay attention to your feedback.
Should you have any question, please give me the letter via

Thank you for purchasing our products, please read the instructions carefully before use
Keepsmile is a brand dedicated to the development of high-end Led light strips.The company is equipped with a professional Led light strips development team and production plant.
Keepsmile’s products will definitely add a lot of fun to your life.We are always striving to provide customers with quality products and the most satisfactory service.

The battery case and receiver do not immerse in water. The LED srip light kit do not immerse in fire
Childern unde age of 16 should use this product adult supervision

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