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Are you looking for Govee LED Strip Lights APP for your new Govee led light strips?

Govee Lights APP

Is there an app for Govee LED lights?

Is there a Govee app?


Govee Home

Govee APP

Download Govee LED APP for APPLE IOS and Android

Govee Apple Homekit for APPLE IOS

Click go for Download

Or, Search “Govee Home” in your Apple Store

Govee Home

Govee Home Google Home for Android Google Play

Govee and Google Home Android Download

Click go for Download Govee Home APP Android

Or, Search “Govee Home” in your Android Store

Govee LED Lights Car APP

  • Govee LED Lights for Car also used “Govee Home” App as Govee LED Lights Car APP
  • “Govee Home” APP Control you Govee Car LED Lights.

govee alexa led strip lights

Govee APP PC

Govee PC APP

Govee Home APP for PC

  1. There is no any Govee Home PC Software yet! Not support Window or Mac OS
  2. Customer search “Govee APP PC”, but result you need install android emulators, but most of android emulators do not support Bluetooth, so you can’t use the Govee desktop app!

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How do I connect Govee light to app?

How do I connect my Govee home?

  • You should download Govee light App “Govee Home” first;
  • Open and add devices to the Govee App as steps to connect Govee light to app.

Is Govee compatible with home?

  • Govee can compatible with Google home , Echo, Alexa!

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