Daybetter LED Lights APP Download Apple IOS Android Daybetter APP Download Daybetter LED Lights Remote App

Daybetter LED Lights APP Download

Does Daybetter LED lights have an APP?

  • Yes, Daybetter LED lights have an APP, please click here to download!
  • Apollo Lighting App for new version, ” Magic Home ” for old version

Daybetter APP Download

Daybetter LED Lights Remote App Download

APP for Daybetter Led Lights has 3 versions :

“Apollo lighting” (Upgrade)- “Magic home” – “Magic home (old for device)”

Please read as follow find the right app:

I. Daybetter App For Apple IOS

1. Daybetter LED Lights APP Download

Newest Daybetter lights APP Online LED Light remote APP for iPhone

Apollo Lighting App

App Connection

Step 1: Please enter your phone settings, open the blue tooth .

Step 2: Open the Apollo Lighting APP Daybetter LED Strip Lights App, The app will connect the LED light automatically.

Step 3: Touch the on / off key, start controlling the led strip light.

Please Scan the QR code or Download Click button:


Daybetter APP Download

Daybetter led strip lights APP “Magic Home” LED Remote APP

Download please Click button:

3. Apple App for old device

Daybetter LED Lights Remote App Download

daybetter remote app “Magic Home (old for device)

Oldest daybetter led app “LED Magic Blue

For Old Device Please click this button:


Daybetter lights APP

second ways to Scan the QR Code for daybetter led light app

II. Daybetter LED Lights APP For Android

Daybetter LED Strip Lights APP

Please using the new magic home pro

Please click the button

III. About Universal LED Light Remote APP

  1. There are no unified standard of led light design, every led strip lights will have a customize APP!
  2. However, not every customer can find the right led light app compatible with their led strip light!
  3. So, lots of customer search and looking for Universal LED Light Remote APP for APPLE IOS or Android, it’s difficult to find a suitable one, there are always have troubles when using, it makes us unhappy often! Not recommend!
  4. We recommend checking your order history or package, download the right led strip lights app, it will works perfectly with your led light strips!

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